Enabling manufacturing startups and their investors to bring their innovations to market -- successfully.

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We're passionate about innovations that we can touch.

Focused on our Clients

Consumer Goods and Industrial Startups
Deliver your innovations to market at lower landed costs and higher fulfillment rates with a comprehensive new product launch strategy.

Small to Lower Mid-Market Manufacturers
Your partner in revitalizing your value chain and transforming your orga‍‍‍nization into a lean and responsive business for the next stage of growth.

Step One
Observe, engage and immerse for insights

Step Two
Analyze to identify the human-centric problem

Step Three
Out-of-the box? There is no box!

Step Four
Rapid development of low-cost solution options

Value Chain Design

Deliver effectively through a supply chain that is fully-integrated with your customer-facing functions.

Build and maintain your internal process to be lean and consistent, with built-in flexibility to drive innovation.


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Go-to-Market Strategies

Process Innovations

Step Five
Data-driven proof that we solved the customer's problem

  Let us put our experience launching new products across the retail, e-commerce and direct-to-customer channels to work for you.

Does your innovation have a potential national defense application?

We have the experience and connections necessary to guide your team in understanding military requirements and how to translate your innovations into Department of Defense capabilities.  

IMDefense was established to foster relationships within the Midwest startup ecosystem and to provide technical support to current and potential DoD contractors to identify and deliver to market technology solutions for our warfighters.

We are a certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) registered through the System for Award Management (SAM) to pursue and win business with the federal government.

Your products into the hands of your customers -- quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

...the gadgets and widgets that make us more efficient

...the tools and equipment that make us more productive

...the packages we can't wait to arrive, to open, and to use

InnoMorphosis is a certified veteran-owned small business (VSOB) headquartered at the center of Midwestern technology innovation specializing in...

Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors
Your trusted agent for due diligence and post-deal consulting on value chains and go-to-market strategies to maximize returns and minimize risk.

Our approach to a deeper understanding of a customer's challenges and the innovative solutions required to delight them.

Design Thinking for Process Innovation

Veteran Owned Small Business Certification