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‍‍‍TJ Wi‍‍‍ley - Owner/President

TJ founded InnoMorphosis to bring go-to-market lessons and best practices to manufacturing and physical product investors and startups after launching 170+ new consumer products in North America for a Fortune 100 company. He is experienced in integrating across business functions to improve time-to-market while managing costs, increasing sales lift, and optimizing the supply chain for new products sourced globally and distributed within the retail, e-commerce and pure-play channels.

As a senior Navy officer and veteran, he has honed his skills in the development and execution of operational plans that achieve broad, often vague, strategic objectives. His exposure to global logistics, science and technology innovation programs, and multi-domain integration serves his clients who seek to scale and grow successfully.

TJ is passionate about learning. Seriously passionate. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and three (yes, three) masters degrees and several graduate certificates. His dedication to formal and informal education (and self-evident “nerdness”) ensures that his customers are receiving the most relevant and up-to-date best practices.

A fan of films and television, he is occasionally known to delve into acting as an extra.

Alla is a battle-seasoned marketing specialist who welcomes the challenge of navigating the unknown and doesn’t wither at a sight of ambiguous landscape -- for her, that’s what keeps things interesting.Fittingly, few things are less defined than launching a new product or service, and that’s why she is on the team.

Her expertise lies in direct-to-consumer marketing as well as a growing B2B repertoire, developing marketing plans from strategy inception stage to campaign execution to analytics. She brings a m‍‍‍arketing know-how that spans both digital and print worlds. conceptualizing and executing product positioning, customer acquisition programs and offer testing.

Most recently, she began addressing the marketing challenges of small businesses in the industrial technology sector where she expanded her capabilities to include B2B messaging and YouTube video development for increased customer engagement.

‍‍‍Alla Spivak - Marketing Direct‍‍‍or

Our Teammates and‍‍‍ Partners

‍‍‍‍‍‍We have our competencies, and we do ‍‍‍them well.

But we recognize where our clients may need other experience and skill sets to accomplish their business objectives.

We're always on the lookout for like-minded businesses and independent consultants to complement our value proposition.

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JBP Intellectual Property Law

IP attorney with practical and legal experience in a variety of technical subject matters, including mechanical and electrical systems, applied algorithms and software, specialized materials, chemical engineering applications, and integrated systems.